Palouse Wheat Field

Plant Health Management Defined

Plant health management is the science and practice of understanding and eliminating the succession of biotic and abiotic factors that limit plants from achieving their full genetic potential as crops, ornamentals, timber trees, or other uses. Although practiced as long as agriculture itself, as a science-based concept, plant heath management as a science is even younger than integrated pest management (IPM), and includes and builds upon but is broader than IPM.

The What and Why of the Paired-Row Effect on Yields of Cereals

Learn about experiments showing that cereal grains when under pressure from root disease yield more when planted in paired rows spaced 7 inches apart, with 17 inches between the pairs, rather than rows spaced uniformly at 12 inches apart; and that placement of fertilizer as a band needs to be close enough to the seed row so that even diseased roots can access to the nutrients.